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The Research Process


This guide will help you develop effective search strategies as you move through the research process. Questions? Contact Ms. McGillis - stop in the library anytime or send her an email:

Using This Guide

Using This Guide:

Use the navigation buttons at the top of this page to learn about different elements of the research process:

The Research Process:   This section describes the various steps involved in the research process. It also provides you with information on developing your topic. 

Finding Information: This section describes how you can access reliable and relevant information using databases, books, and websites, as well as primary vs. secondary sources.

Evaluating Information: This section explains how to critically assess and evaluate information, distinguish between scholarly vs. popular articles, and  differentiate between authentic and false information. 

Citing Your Sources:  This section includes Noodletools, a citation generator. It also shows you how you can avoid plagiarism.

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