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Wayland High School Library: Newspapers

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Below you will find databases that link you to a variety of news sources. 

Click here for the list of high school databases, provided by the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners (MBLC) and Massachusetts Library System (MLS).

Most of the databases are geolocated where you will not need a password inside the school. For those that aren't as well as home access: Database Passwords 

New York Times

New York Times Full access dating back to 1851

Versión en español del New York Times

紐約時報中文版 (Niǔyuē shíbào zhōngwén bǎn)

**If you have any issues accessing your account, completely log out (under account in the upper right hand corner) and go to:, claim a pass - it should send you a verification email and then you should be all set. If you are still unable to access your account after that, please come to the library so we can help you! 

Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal delivers news and information through the lens of business, finance, economics and money, global forces that shape the world.

World News Digest

INFOBASE World News Digest contains a wealth of materials to explore the events that shape our world. World News Digest frames events for research & is a good place to start any reference project.

The Boston Globe

Instructions for signing in to the digital version. Digital Boston Globe - full access to articles based on the daily newspaper format

PROQUEST Boston Globe - full access to articles from 1980 to present day

Proquest News

PROQUEST Historic Wall Street Journal provides recent & historic databases for teaching & researching notable world events over time or by location. Article & page level indexing provides easily searchable, first-hand accounts of politics & social events for genealogists, researchers & scholars.

Gale News Databases


GALE News Access major U.S. & international newspapers online to search articles instantly by title, headline, date, or other fields.

New York Times through GALE Search the full text of The New York Times starting in 1985. (does NOT include the Book Review.) Indexing goes back to 1965.
Note - This online edition is text only.

GALE General OneFile allows researchers to find the information they want quickly. With intuitive searching that mirrors Internet searches, users can easily tap into sources that are guaranteed for quality (magazines, news, & journal articles on general interest topics & current events).


The Wayland Student Press Network (WSPN) is the online student media network of Wayland High School in Wayland, MA. Founded in 2007, WSPN was created with the purpose of raising awareness of school activities and connecting different parts of the community in a central location.

NYT Learning Center

NYT Learning Network publishes about 1,000 teaching resources each school year, all using Times content — articles, essays, images, videos, graphics and podcasts — as teaching tools across subject areas. Activities for students, including writing prompts, quizzes, films and contests, & resources for teachers, such as lesson plans, webinars & PD tools are offered as well.


Allsides is an American-based company that estimates the perceived political bias of content on online written news outlets, and then presents different versions of similar news stories from sources AllSides rates as being on the political right, left, and center.